Reimagine End of Life comes back to San Francisco

San Francisco Center for Spiritual Living is proud to participate in the citywide exploration of death and celebration of life: the Reimagine End of Life festival.

Are you aging alone? In this interactive workshop with Betty Burr learn keys to creating community with other solo-agers and begin to prepare your specific plan for a successful and carefree solo journey.

Event Description:

Moving through life without a spouse or partner? Family geographically distant? You’re a solo-ager. But you’re not alone: 20 – 30 % of baby boomers may be solo-agers. Whether you are solo by choice or circumstance, join us for a compassionate discussion on aging alone and the considerations and challenges of this phase of life. In this interactive workshop, network with other solo-agers and start a plan to honor your unique priorities and passions on your solo journey. Learn keys to successfully aging alone: creating local community, forming “circles of care” with other solos, and identifying the “Big WHO” – your advocate or proxy. Identify information you need and resources available in your area. Facilitator Betty Burr, a solo-ager herself, holds an MA in Gerontology. Betty is a well-respected Certified Retirement Coach and is one of the Bay Area’s knowledgeable professionals focusing on the challenging life phase of solo-aging. Betty is a Practitioner at the San Francisco Center for Spiritual Living.

Event details

Event title: Carefree Solo-Aging: Plan and Be Prepared

Saturday October 26th; Saturday November 2nd

Start time: 1:00pm

End Time: 3:00pm

General Admission Price: $0

Event capacity: 60

Venue Name: San Francisco Center for Spiritual Living

Venue Address: 280 Claremont Blvd, San Francisco CA 94127


Betty Burr from Transition Steps